They are found in plant material taken from roots, stems. Bark and leaves. They help to form the plant’s own immunity and defence against microbes , bacteria fungis and disease, as well as the fluid… Read More »do TERRA

Tru by Mel

Weight loss is a journey many people are struggling with. The health and wellness industry offers a wide range of products to help with each manufacturer claiming their products work. In a world where diet… Read More »Tru by Mel

Sh’zen review

Sh’Zen believes that nature has the answer to all our beauty needs and is inspired by nature. They recognise the healing and regenerative potential inherent in nature, and by harnessing these energies in their products,… Read More »Sh’zen review

Bee Natural review

Bee Natural is a proudly South African company offering a range of natural healing and beautifying products, courtesy of that wonderfully useful and underestimated little insect, the honey bee. Pollen, beeswax, raw honey and propolis… Read More »Bee Natural review

Party Angels

Do you want to have a party and don’t know where to start? You heard that party planners are expensive? Truth be told they are actually a brilliant idea. You have flexibility if you are… Read More »Party Angels

Jameela Organic Soaks

Soaking is so good for the soul. I absolutely love candle lit baths , together with calming music, along with bath goodies. Bath goodies add a spiritual, calm to your bath. I’ve found Bliss with… Read More »Jameela Organic Soaks