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At our house, we love hot drinks. Although, I usually wouldn’t drink any more than one coffee a day, I love to come home and have the option of having a latté or hot chocolate which is why I was so excited to receive samples from Organo Gold ( Wendy Abel)

An independent distributor Wendy had asked me to review their products from Organo Gold. Their products have been developed with the perfect combination of ingredients to bring a healthier choice to your daily lifestyle.

I’m a big coffee lover and have always been looking out for alternatives to coffee or coffee drinks that can be good for me.
I’ve tried the caffe latte, mocha, black coffee and red  tea sachets to be exact to review for my blog. 
After sampling all of the coffee- sachets I can say that my favourite was the mocha. The taste of rich chocolate and coffee together is simply amazing!

My thoughts on the coffee… All of the different sachets were tasty, smooth and rich – exactly what I love in a good coffee.

I can definitely say that drinking the coffee did give me an energy boost .  I’ve tried alot of different coffee brands and I must say that I like this the best.   It tastes like the coffee that you get at coffee shops!!

The drinks provide additional health benefits such as reducing stress, boost immunity, detox the body as it contains “100% Ganoderma.

My hubby could not believe that what I surprised him with was instant coffee!
I love this coffee and I recommend it to a lot of friends. And easy on your digestive system also.

One of the things I really loved about Organo Gold beverages is how quick they were to prepare. I just added hot water, stirred and my drink was ready to enjoy. The Mocha had an unbelievably rich and creamy chocolaty flavour and I was happy to see that there wasn’t even a hint of the bitterness.

The Latte was just as delicious and I loved the creamy taste and hint of sweetness.  It was pure bliss and decadence.
The coffee drinks are tasty, quick to prepare, which is a bonus.

Best coffee ever – and I have tried quite a few. Never thought I would find an instant coffee that is this good – and this is also very strong so it makes much more than the normal pack of instant can do – retains a great coffee flavor and it is sooooo smooth. If there is any negative it is that it makes me want to drink more coffee than I usually do per day.

This means that Organo Gold provides a superior brand of coffee that not only tastes great, but it is also loaded with premium ingredients. Regular coffee does not contain such an amount of healthy nutrients. This is what sets Organo Gold apart from your average cup of coffee.

I highly recommend this products.
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