Up lifestyle magazine launch

We had been scouring the weather report for the past week, trying to decide which ones were the most reliable, and definitely leaning toward the sites that forecasted no rain. ‘ Although there was rain it did not deter the special evening.

The Up Magazine launch party, and after months of work by the team and Siphiwe Ngidi, the editorial director/wizard, the magazine was ready to be seen by the general public.

After dinner, there was a speech by Siphiwe Ngidi
that had the whole place  in awe with admiration.
It was a night to remember, and one that felt big enough to do Up Magazine justice. Many
people showed up for the launch party of their print pilot at Hillcrest The Venue Cotswold downs.
They probably couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch due to covid and the trying times we face. Up lifestyle Magazine would like to
Thank everyone who helped celebrate the launch.

Starting a magazine has never been easy. But if there’s one thing Siphiwe’s story  shows, it’s that publishing is as fun and rewarding as ever.

From looking at Up magazine’s content, it seems “accessible” to a wide audience and doesn’t look “overly artsy”, which could help to draw in a larger audience.

It was a beautiful event for an equally beautiful publication.
What has lasted long after the grandeur of the party are the glossy pages of the magazine, and can I say, Up Magazine did an amazing job on this edition.

The moral of the story is this, stop at your local bookstore, grocery store, … whatever your preference and pick up a copy of the Up lifestyle Magazine. Not just because they are unique and interesting but also because its a magazine based on integrity, morale and inspiration.

Siphiwe Ngidi

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