Let’s talk about learning language

Being bilingual can be beneficial to people both professionally and socially. A person would be more observant and express themselves better. Vocabulary is much greater than most.

A person who is bilingual is better equipped to socialise with others ,have more friends from other countries and have knowledge about other cultures.

Travelling abroad would be a breeze. The ability to speak more than one language is more than just a social advantage , it definitely improves cognitive skills. The benefits are incredible. It can make one smarter if practiced enough .

Speaking more than one language has lifestyle and psychological advantages. It can improve your judgement ,according to studies people who think through moral dilemma in foreign language make more rational decisions.

Being fluent in other languages gives you insight into other ways of seeing the world. A bilingual can develop creative thinking and flexibly.

” Every language is another way of being human , another way of being alive “

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