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Fashion is apart of our daily lives , it is not a secret that we use it as a way to express who we are. If you think about it , woman’s street wear is just the ideal choice if you want to make a fashionable statement while still feeling comfy in your own skin .

So for all fashion lovers who want to dress a bit cooler there is a brand that is definitely worth looking at.

Style Relevant takes all the Hassel out of deciding what to wear whatever your budget is , its definitely a go to company that has clothing that look like they cost whole lot more than they really do.

If you are looking for a quick fix for a night out then its worth looking at their range , for an outfit that reflects the latest styles at fraction of the price of other luxury options.

Mixing and matching different pieces of clothing can be fun .you don’t have to think hard on your next wardrobe because your style is based on what your personality is, not what others perceive you to be . Style relevant clothing is sure to give you outfits that expresses your style.

More about Style relevant

Style Relevant is a company that started in 2019 between two friends who worked together . The economy forced them to consider spreading their wings and taking their future into their own hands .

They realised that they wanted to bridge the gap with affordable branded clothes .They are a young bunch of driven individuals who believe that they can create stylish , creative casual wear for all year round fashion needs hence style relevant.

Their goal is to be known in every house hold.

Contact information

082 822 7556

Facebook : style relevant

Instagram : style_ relevant

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