Celebrating Dalli Skin care with Christa Van Rooyen

Christa van Rooyen is the owner of Dalli Skincare, a beautiful high performance range of natural skincare goodies.
She has a passion for all things natural, especially skincare, her
range of products will leave your skin soft & nourished as well as smelling gorgeous.

Dalli Skincare helps you reconnect your skincare routine to nature through a practice of loving-kindness for your skin.

Her brand was borne out of her determination to have her mom’s recipes and  formulate and  products skincare with love, made with the finest, natural  ingredients for radiant, blissfully youthful, healthy skin.

Prior to the twentieth century commercial beauty products weren’t available, so women had to rely on family recipes – handed down through the generations (as Christ’s mom has done) – to boost their complexions. Victorian ladies were admired for their flawless skin, which they often managed to preserve well into old age. This was largely due to the handcrafting of herbal creams and lotions – using home-grown ingredients from herb and flower gardens.

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