How to be a fashion icon

To be a fashion icon means setting a trend, for years to come . It is important to be unique , and authentic . It takes determination and hard work. You must research , and work towards your goal.

Consider the type of look that you would like example contemporary , chic.

Stay up to date with current events . Your life should be more about fashion to be an icon. Read magazines and newspapers to gain inspiration.

Experiment with different styles , try something that you are not accustomed to wearing.

Making your own clothing will ensure that you ate unique . Sewing your own clothing may even give you a chance to design your own fashion line!

Choose your own accessories. You could choose sunglasses, or a necklace even a ring as your signature accessory.

Creating a presence on social media is essential when it comes to being a social media fashion influencer . Post your daily clothing on Instagram , Twitter or Facebook one a day. You could create a website or fashion blog.

Be confident. Confidence is key , you will be noticed and will boost your determination.

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