Health perks of blueberries

These little nutrient packed berries are rich in vitamins and nutrients and anthacynanins are thought to provide a powerful antioxidant effect and have linked to the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

Add blueberries to smoothles your breakfast oats or cereal , or toss into a salad. (,They are delicious in desserts too)

Most of us don’t have enough of fibre in our diets. A small cup of blueberries will give you about 15% of fibre intake and vitamin c too.

Blueberries support your skins ability to fight inflammation. related to acne , eczema, and premature ageing.

They are considered super foods. There are tons of reasons to love these berries . They keep us looking good too . They contain vitamin e and aids in improving vision as well .

They are an absolute delight to eat.

Adding them to your shopping list is a great idea.

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