Spritzing fragrance can be uplifting , motivating . Fragrance is powerful and is important to get the purchase right . Fragrances permeate every aspect of our lives. It is meant to enhance our lives and adventurous spirit.

There are millions to choose from and it can be daunting finding the right signature scent . Fragrance does something that’s special it provides a confidence boost with a simple spritz .

Thankfully Spoilz has a variety of beautiful fragrances to choose from . Spoils help perfume lovers everywhere discover, explore, and enjoy the fascinating world of scent.

I had the opportunity to speak to a lovely Woman , Chantelle Muller who is the owner of Spoilz . She shares her inspiring story with us. Read more here.

  1. When and how and why did you start this business – I started this business in June 2020 after I was retrenched . Many years of blood , sweat and tears out into my career and it was all gone overnight. With the pandemic that was happening finding another job was not an easy task . So I had to do something … Fast to keep paying my expenses and to feed my family. I then decided to start a website that sold Spoilz and have started with perfumes and hope to digress to other beauty , fashion products soon .I took my retrenchment funds , bought a few items and every sale I made , I put back into buying more stock .
  2. What is your role in the business? – I am the owner
  3. Describe your average work day – Wake up early morning and start with a cup of tea. The day cannot start without a cup of tea ! Lol. I then start by reading all the messages I have recieved overnight and begin to answer them. This usually involves asking for a new stock list or availability of fragrances . I will then start packing the orders from the previous day so that they are ready for collection by the courier . In between I need to drop off and collect children as their feel their social lives still take priority and school lessons will continue.
  4. How do you balance work and home life?– Luckily my children are big now and do not require my attention full time . However , they still demand my attention by means of a mom taxi. By 5pm I ensure that I switch off the laptop and start cooking . The dogs line up for their food too by this time . My partner is very accommodating and understanding . As long as his stomach is full he does not mind if I put in extra hours In the evening .
  5. Where and how do you advertise your business ? – Advertising is done via Facebook and instagram and making use of promoted ads .
  6. What advice would you give other woman entrepreneurs starting a business ?– Never be afraid to do what you love or to take a chance . It may be the best decision you have made for your life. See how you could empower other woman too for what you may have another may need. Woman are a lot stronger than what we have been given credit for a few decades ago. Embrace it and grab it by the …..

You can purchase their amazing products by visiting


Instagram link. Https://Instagram.com/ Spoilz.shop

Spoilz is always looking for Agents to help sell their perfumes its an amazing opportunity to supplement income. If interested you can contact them.

WhatsApp – 0836110501. Or email: spoilz.shop@gmail.com

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