How to disguise a bad hair day

Bad hair days are apart of life . we have all been there woken up with hair that is knotted , tangled , or frizzy hair . Read below for more information on how to disguise bad hair days . Don’t let it ruin your day.

Dampen your hair ,this will allows will allow moisture to dry Frizzy hair . Thereafter you can blow dry and style.

Running styling cream through your hair will help if you have curly or frizzy hair that is flat.

Detangle your hair . You can gently brush your hair , starting at the ends . Never pull your hair to get the knots out.Try rubbing in leave in conditioner and brush using a natural bristle brush .

Dry shampoo powder helps to hide greasy hair . Use hairspray after to soak up remaining grease.

Try not to wash your hair every day as this may lead to oil imbalance.

A pony tail or pig tails is my favorite way to hide my bad hair day. Consider a loose bun as well.

Headbands and bandenas are excellent as well. A simple solution to slicking back unruly hair.

Fashionable hats, and berets are quick ways to cover up a bad hair day.

Apply make up , this will give you confidence and forget about your bad hair day.

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