Diy bath goodies

Natural bath goodies are good for your health and skin . They moisturises your skin . Vegan friendly they create a relaxed , soothing atmosphere .

Lip scrub

Your lips need some loving at times . read below on the simple recipe for a lip scrub to soothe your lips .

Get a small bowl , put two teaspoons of natural brown sugar into it . Add a teaspoon of olive oil . Add more sugar if needed . To apply , scoop up with a q tip or your fingers and rub in a circular motion onto your lips . Rinse off then apply lip balm .

Bath salts

Bath salts are soothing , relaxing and moisturising . It is fun to make with ingredients in your own kitchen . Bath salts are generally made with a combination of salts , baking soda and essential oils . The best thing about balt salts is that you can customise the colour and scent. Read below for a simple recipe.

2 cups of bath salts

1/4 cup baking soda

1 cup Epsom salt

15 drops of essential oils

In a bowl add the bath salta , baking soda and Epsom salts together and mix . Add in the essential oil and mix well until all the salt is coated with essential oil . Keep bath salts in a air tight container. To use sprinkle a few spoons into bath , allow to dissolve and enjoy.

Pillow mist

Why not have a nice citrus scent that would help you sleep.

A glass bottle

Distilled water

Lavender essential oil

Orange essential oil

Chamomile essential oil

Use a funnel and add 15 drops of lavender oil ,15 drops of orange and 10 drops of chamomile to the bottle. Fill balance with water. Shake well before use . They smelll great and make great gifts .

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