How to make bath bombs

Bath bombs soften and indulge your skin. Your skin is left smooth , silky and soft. It cleanses your skin and pampers it . The oils soak into your skin locking in moisture . Some how having a bath bomb in the bath lightens the mood especially if you opt yo have a spa night . The smell relaxes you and is soooo soothing . You can add any oil you fancy my favourite is lavender. It leaves you feeling refreshed .

It is the perfect gift , its cheap ,pretty and elegant. You can package it in little boxes or cellophane.



200 g baking soda

100 g citric acid

Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl .

2 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon water

Essential oil

Food colouring

Combine bowls ingredients and mix well . Put into a mould . allow it to set for two to three hours before using .

We recommend that you get the moulds from bath bomb moulds . There is a wide variety to choose from .



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