Spring style inspiration

Spring is the perfect time to play around with fashion. You can try different looks because days are mixed cold and hot weather. No matter what your style preference they are fun and easy styles you can be interested in .

Choose floral patterns and pastels , spring is nature blooming for naturally floral prints would be ideal . lightweight fabric would be nice .

Dresses never go out of style perhaps a nice short cute mini dress . A maxi dress is also a good idea as its elegant and flows and is light weight and does not show alot of skin

With warmer weather sandals are in style. Sandals look great with skirts , shorts , trousers and dresses .

Try colourful jewelry,its stylish and pretty . Its an excellent way to enhance the gorgeous outfit you are wearing . Bright coloured jewelry is ideal for spring .

Professional style

A Capri pants with a light buttoned long sleeved shirt is a great option for spring . Wear flats as it is comfortable and they go with anything .

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