Womens month with Dalli skin care

To celebrate women’s month we have partnered with Dalli skin care to contribute to POWA .We want to take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge woman who need help , care and support.

Why not restore your skins beauty with products that transform your tired skin from stressed to breath taking with Dalli skin care products?

About Dalli skin care

Dalli skin care is a natural skin care brand founded by Christa Van Rooyen. This amazing brand is inspired by Dalli Van Der Merwe , Christa’s mom who always had an answer to cure ailments.. In her endeavour to live a natural lifestyle , she started making a face cream that contained a few natural plant oils and extracts combined with lanolin . The name Dalli is used in memory of her mom an inspirational Woman , that’ has a legacy that will go on forever .

Why choose Dalli skincare ?

  1. It’s natural non toxic and cruelty free.
  2. No side effects. Natural ingredients won’t harm you
  3. Your skin will be softer.
  4. Quicker results . With its natural ingredients you can see the difference with your skin after few uses .
  5. Its inexpensive
  6. Luxurious

My experience with Dalli skin care

I honestly find this product to be my secret weapon against tired , dehydrated skin . Its like a huge drink for my skin ! My skin is hydrated , feels soft and fresh. It is packed with super effective , good for your skin naturals . It absorbs into my skin without leaving it greasy. Its a nice change of pace for me especially when I’m I’m a hurry . It breaks down dirt and make up on my face in a matter of seconds , leaving my skin clean without being stripped of moisture. I recommend this especially when you want and need a pamper after a long day .

The products

The Dalli skin care range has the following products.

  1. Milky cleanser to remove impurities and dirt .
  2. Toner to soothe skin and keep it glowing .
  3. Exfoliatior to remove rough patches , giving you healthier looking skin .
  4. Radiance youth cream . softens skin and gives it a flawless look.
  5. Intense moisturising serum . light weight and potent moisturizer.
  6. Anti ageing cream gives you a positive change in skin texture.
  7. Even tone cream . leaves your skin luminous and radiant.
  8. Gentle face wash leaves your skin clean and refreshed

Dalli skin care offers you an opportunity to earn an income by becoming a distributor or a stockist . Simply email for more information.

How to purchase the products

Email Dalli.skincare@gmail.com

Instagram https://Instagram/ com/Dalli skin

Message from Dalli skin care

Always strive to achieve your best , even though the odds are not great. Don’t give up on your aspirations in life. Have hope and courage to achieve your goals.

Thank you Dalli skin care for your contribution to POWA

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules , and build a life you are proud to live”

1 thought on “Womens month with Dalli skin care”

  1. It is an honour and a pleasure to work with you, Jen. Thank you! I believe that this is the skin care products South African women have been waiting for. Products with maximum active ingredients, without the exorbitant mark ups we experience from most skin care brands. We earn in rands, now we can buy affordable skin care products for the best skins in the world.

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