How to have a wedding on a budget

Planning a wedding can be daunting and time consuming. It is possible to plan a wedding on a budget . learn how to have a wedding on a budget here.

Have a small wedding . The best way is to stick to a budget,while keeping the wedding elegant is to have a small guest list. Keep the invites to family and friends and you can save lots.

Make your own invites . you can find invitation templates at stationary stores. Or opt for electronic invitations. Its cheaper and will save you a fortune.

Embrace the diy movement. There are dozens of ideas on Pinterest about affordable hair ,flowers and decoration that could save you loads of money.

Shop at markets for wedding decor. Vintage cups can be used as candle holders or to hold flowers.

Limit your bar . Instead of having a full bar , rather have a signature drink .Perhaps try one type of beer and wine.

Simpify your meal . Instead of doing a formal dinner choose a favorite food or side. Try serving appetizers throughout rather than full dinner

Choose non traditional dessert. You can order cup cakes from bakeries without having the cost of decorating a large wedding cake .

Rent a wedding dress. It is important to have a nice dress,but you don’t have to spend thousands. Renting a dress would be affordable and save lots.

Rent a photobooth. If you don’t want to invest in a photographer rent a booth where everyone can get inside and get a photo strip . Most photo booth companies give a copy to the guest and another to the guest.

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